So how did it all come about? We’ve known each other and respected each other’s work for many years, being members of the same professional bodies. We share the same approach to financial planning and a strong commitment to helping clients achieve their ideal lifestyle.

After various discussions, we realised we were all trying to achieve similar objectives for our clients and were also facing some of the same business challenges. How much better the client experience could be, we thought, if we joined forces. And so the Financial Planners’ Group was born.

What are some of the benefits?

By leveraging our buying power, we can gain access to the highest quality products and services at the best possible rates for our respective clients. In practice, this might mean we share investment insights or join forces to develop our investment proposition.

We promote best practice within the profession and discuss new ideas. For example, it has been helpful to share our collective experience of the shift from a traditional financial services model to a more independent, fee-based advisory service.

Seeing we hold compatible beliefs and share the same high standards regarding our investment philosophy, you can be assured of a consistent way of working.

We’re excited by what we can offer by coming together. What we each do on our own is great; what we do together is even greater.