Each firm within the group share a common goal – we are all working towards providing our clients with an understanding of what wealth could really mean for them and hoping to create a clear vision for them of the lifestyle they might want, both now and in the future.

It is the starting point of a journey with us. As independent bodies, we all strive to do this through our belief in two underlying principles, namely that:

  • a structured, evidence-based approach to investing will provide you with better outcomes
  • the use of cash-flow modelling is fundamental in helping you to make sound financial and lifestyle decisions

This evidence-based approach to investing client money doesn’t rely on hunches and hearsay to run portfolios. Instead, it is a robust methodology founded on empirical evidence and investment theory. That’s why they are called smarterportfolios™.

The firms aim to structure diversified portfolios that will suit the specific needs of each client, minimising costs of all kinds, both the financial and the emotional. Their rigorous investment planning process also helps to ensure the level of risk is arrived at with clarity, discussion and understanding. Put simply, it keeps the risk of the portfolio where it should be.

In addition, this kind of disciplined financial planning process, using cashflow modelling, is designed to help you enjoy life with financial peace of mind. Cash-flow modelling gives you the opportunity to explore your potential financial future, enabling you to form a personal plan to advance your life goals.

What excites us all most about this form of financial planning is the way it can totally transform people’s lives. It makes it a real privilege to see goals fulfilled and life-changing decisions reached.