About us

We are a group of like-minded financial planning businesses, committed to applying the best financial thinking for the benefit of our clients. At the heart of the way we all operate is a fundamental belief in the power of financial planning and its ability to transform people’s lives.

Remaining as four independent firms, we decided, however, to also work together as a group, as we believe we can offer more and be more effective than we can purely in isolation. We have many things in common – great people, exceptional client service and outstanding results. We‘re also united by the same values – friendliness, professionalism and a commitment to working as a group. We show £430 million of assets under management.

If you’ve ever watched cyclists racing, you’ll see them taking it in turns at the front to bear the brunt of the wind. They all know they will each go a lot faster and travel a lot further if they work together. That’s why we, too, decided to pool resources.

We like to think we are all knowledgeable, approachable and proactive financial planners as individual firms; multiplied by four and you’ve got the Financial Planners’ Group.

Who’s in the Financial Planners’ Group?

Find out a bit more about each of the members of the group here.

Being based in different parts of the UK, we offer a good geographical spread.

  • Llandudno

    Beardmore & Company Ltd


    Beardmore & Co are independent financial advisers, this means that we are unbiased towards particular products or companies and therefore will research the whole of the market to find the best financial products for your individual requirements. With over 30 years’ experience we understand the market and are continually researching new products to build quality financial portfolios for our clients.

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  • Manchester

    Carpenter Rees


    We work closely with clients to establish what their long-term goals and aspirations are. After considering their individual circumstances, and the challenges they face, we provide a clear solution that enables them to take control of their finances and provide income for the future.

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  • Stoke-on-Trent

    Wealth Experts from DJH Mitten Clarke


    At Wealth Experts from DJH Mitten Clarke, we support you by listening deeper, planning further and dreaming bigger to make your wealth matter.

    Whether it’s planning for retirement, protecting your family and their inheritance in years to come, or considering putting in steps to cover any future care fees, we are here to help you better understand your options, support with any decision making and help you feel confident about your future.

    We give financial advice in-tune with tomorrow and we’re here when it’s time to put your financial future first.

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  • Durham & Manchester

    RiverStone Wealth Management Ltd

    Durham & Manchester

    Of course, we are independent. But what’s most important is that we are passionate about helping business owners create the personal lives they would like.

    We understand that business gets in the way. We have many years’ experience building our own business and advising clients in the same position as you. We believe we can help you too.

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